Junior dog food Dolina Noteci Premium, rich in chicken stomachs 400 g


Complete wet food for puppies and young dogs of medium and large breeds – chicken stomach 400 g

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Puppies and young dogs require more nutrients, minerals and vitamins because of their specific nutritional needs. The formula of Dolina Noteci Premium Junior complete wet food, rich in chicken stomachs, meets modern dietary standards and recommendations for proper nutrition of organisms in the phase of intensive growth and development. Thanks to the use of chicken and bovine stomachs, junior food is characterized by the content of high-quality proteins rich in exogenous amino acids, including methionine, lysine and phenylalanine. These raw materials are also a source of minerals, especially selenium and copper, which play an important role in stimulating the body’s defenses. The addition of a chicken egg increases the biological quality of the protein required for puppies and young dogs, meeting the increased demand for this ingredient. Linseed oil, a source of n-3 and n-6 ​​fatty acids, vitamin E and a number of biologically active compounds with anti-inflammatory properties, influences the development of skin cells, guarantees a good appearance and thus improves the condition of the coat. Rich in chicken stomachs, Dolina Noteci Junior food contains psyllium seeds and Mojave yucca as the source of dietary fiber. Thanks to their presence, the bioavailability of substances that contribute to the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora, especially the colon, is improved. The precise selection of raw materials and functional additives makes junior food an easily digestible product and also ensures the mineralization of bones and teeth.
The size of the animal
Medium and large breeds
pork 30% (lungs, hearts, meat, liver), chicken 20% (stomachs 14%, liver), broth, beef 11% (liver, lungs), turkey 5% (skin), eggs 5%, potatoes 2%, minerals, dried brewer’s yeast 0.2% (source of prebiotics: MOS and beta-glucans)
Analytical components
protein – 11%, crude oils and fats – 7%, crude ash – 2%, crude fiber – 0.7%, moisture – 78%, calcium – 0.3%, phosphorus – 0.25%.
Animal species
Dietary Supplements
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – 450 IU, Vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate) – 40mg, E6 / zinc (zinc oxide) – 30mg, E4 / copper (copper sulfate pentahydrate) – 3mg, E5 / manganese (manganese oxide) – 2 mg, E2 / iodine (calcium iodate) – 0.3 mg.
400 g
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